About Us

VAPAC is an active network of professionally managed venues, volunteer presenters and industry experts.

Our Values
  • We believe the performing arts are an essential part of community life and that all Victorians of all abilities should have access to performing arts experiences, regardless of their location, personal or geographic economic status, or social/cultural background.
  • The availability of performing arts experiences is basic to civic life, crucial to the social & economic well-being of communities, and indispensable to community cultural development.
  • A network of well-managed, well-resourced and well-connected performing arts facilities is of critical importance.
Our Vision

VAPAC will be the peak body representing performing arts centres across Victoria, playing a key role in developing and maintaining a vibrant and sustainable performing arts sector.

Our Mission

VAPAC will promote, support and foster a network of performing arts centres, will promote and strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders and will provide leadership to develop the arts industry’s best practice in performing arts programming, presentation, venue management and community cultural development.


VAPAC has three levels of Membership – Go To Membership Page.

Other Information:
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