Economic Impact Research

VAPAC is delighted to advise that a recent Research Project assessing the Economic Impact of Performing Arts Centres undertaken by Essential Economics has now been completed and the final report is now available here … [Read more...]

Regional Partnerships Applications

The Programming workshop conducted at aour Warrnambool meeting in 2013 included the following Programming workbook as part of a workshop conducted by Merryn Carter. It maybe useful in applications for the new Regional Partnerships format … [Read more...]

Do we need disloyalty cards for theatre?

We all know that theatregoing is a habit – the more you see, the more you want to see. But how do you encourage audiences to try new venues? Research by Purple Seven, the company founded by Tesco Clubcard inventor Clive Humby, showed that new theatregoers were far more likely to visit a West End theatre than a subsidised one. Photograph: Jeff … [Read more...]

The Decisive Deal by Robyn Archer

THE EUROPEAN UNION does not have a cultural policy. It has programs, such as the Capital of Culture, which Greek actress and former minister for the arts Melina Mercouri proposed in the early days of the European Union as a vehicle for cultural understanding between member states. There is Creative Europe, launched in January 2014, with over a … [Read more...]