Evaluation of Arts Programs- part of the Expert Arts Series of programs by Creative Victoria

Recently, I attended an excellent evaluation workshop conducted by Sarah Penhall as part of the Expert Arts Series conducted by Creative Victoria. She has been kind enough to share her presentation with the participants and I am offering it for your information too.

Here is the background to the presentation:
How do you know if your project has been a success? When you’re planning your projects do you take into account how you will evaluate them? Or are you looking for a clearer framework on which to base your evaluation?

As part of Expert Arts, Sarah Penhall from the BYP Group will be running a workshop on evaluation in the arts. Participants will be taken through an approach to evaluation that can be scaled up or down, from an individual artist’s or group’s project to a larger suite of programming. During the workshop, templates will be provided alongside a practical step by step process that will guide participants and provide confidence that they are on the right track when it comes to their evaluation.

This free workshop will provide:

  •     an introduction to evaluation
  •     a guide to developing an evaluation framework, outcome indicators and how to collect evidence
  •     tips on resources available to the art
    and here is the presentation:-

Evaluation of Arts Programs

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