Artists to Enrich Our Future with the National Broadband Network

The Australia Council for the Arts invites artists to propose big ideas for exploring the cultural potential of next generation high-capacity broadband.

The Broadband Arts Initiative will support innovative arts project that are enabled by the NBN with funding of up to $100,000 each. The aim is to provide significant grants for artistic teams who have the bold ideas, technical expertise and strong partnerships for projects which demonstrate the potential of the NBN for Australian culture.

Expressions of interest are due by 15 February and funded projects will be starting from 1 May 2012.

As the NBN develops across Australia, artists have new capacity to transform how we create, access, consume and contribute to Australian culture. It will enable new ways for all Australian residents, no matter their life circumstances or location, to engage in the arts and be part of building stronger communities. With high-capacity broadband there will be more opportunities for convergence in arts and broader cultural industries, along with new business models, education and innovation possibilities.

The Australia Council encourages ambitious arts proposals which complement the deployment of high-capacity broadband and are truly dependent on broadband infrastructure, particularly its high-capacity bandwidth, low latency and future ubiquitous nature. This can involve significant artistic and technical research over a year, but should result in an outstanding art outcome for the public before June 2013.

See the complete details for experssions of interest and selection criteria at
You are encouraged to discuss your proposal ideas with Australia Council contacts:

Email Kevin du Preez, Arts Organisations Project Manager, or phone 02 9215 9015 or Kathryn Gray, Inter-Arts Officer, Phone 02 9215 9077.

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