Bringing Australian plays to stage

PlayWrighting Australia launches 2012 creative development workshop for award-winning artists.

In an exciting collaboration, PlayWrighting Australia are partnering up with The R.E. Ross Trust and The Trust Company in a creative development workshop for award-winning playwrights.

Winners of the 2012 workshop will be involved in an intense collection of sessions with a team of experienced playwrights and cast, to further enhance the award-winning works of two lucky participants. This year’s winners, Declan Greene, for his work Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography, and Jane Montgomery-Griffiths for A Little Piece for Her Sister, will experience PlayWrighting Australia’s Script Workshops Program to examine their works and determine how best to bring their work to Australian stage and print.

Previously, the program has offered support and creative development for award-winning playwrights, through the discovery of new artists and improvement of the skills of those currently in the field. The Company’s initiative to bring new Australian plays to stage drives its motivations to partner with some of the nation’s leading companies in the industry.

Declan Greene’s newest work recently received the The Max Afford Playwrights’ Award for younger writers, offering him a grant of $20,000 toward his own script development. Previously awarded for his talent in other written works, Greene has seen his own plays hit the stages of The Sydney Opera House, and has written commissioned plays for Melbourne Theatre Company, Malthouse, HotHouse and Arena Theatre. He has received multiple awards for his efforts, including the Green Room Award for Best Original Writing in 2010.

His work for the program has been noted as thrilling and effortlessly bold by PlayWrighting Australia’s Artistic Director Chris Mead.

“Compelling and repulsive Greene immerses us into the lonely world of over 40s internet dating, its everydayness, its joy and its gut-wrenching misery.”

Featured alongside Declan in the PlayWrighting Australia workshop is Jane Montgomery-Griffiths, who has recently obtained the R.E. Ross Trust Playwrights’ Development Awards for 2011. After script-reading, acting and directing success in the U.K, Jane returned to Monash University as a Senior Lecturer, but not before producing two highly-acclaimed plays, including Sappho…in 9 fragments which staged at Malthouse Theatre.

Jane’s newest play explores the mythological stories behind Helen of Troy, in a structured and refined work.

The workshop will run from Monday 30 July to Friday 11 August in Sydney, with submissions for playwrights to attend the last session closing Friday 27 July.

For session and workshop information, please visit

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