Community Access Workshop

CASTANET: Practioners’ Voices – artists in community settings forum
Tuesday 1 May 2012, Melbourne
CASTANET, a network of Victorian arts organisations, artists and government agencies that support community arts and cultural development, invites artists to be part of a unique professional development forum focused on art in community settings. The forum, which will be held in Melbourne, is open to artists practicing across all artforms. It will be an opportunity for artists to explore what they do, why they do it and why it matters. The forum will consist of four workshops delivered by leading community arts practitioners Dave Kelman, Jude Anderson, Görkem Acaroğlu and Ian Pidd. They will explore:
•Reflective practice. Interrogating and understanding community arts practice at a deeper level
•What makes community arts a profession? What makes it art?
•What do you mean access? Are the arts really accessible to all community groups?
•When it all goes pear shaped! Stories of when projects don’t go according to plan.
The forum will feature a special keynote address from Berlin-based group Rimini Protokoll, leaders of the theatre movement Reality Trend, who have an extensive history in producing award-winning theatre works with communities in cities across the globe.

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