Cultural Leadership program funding

This Australia Council grant offers support for individuals to develop leadership skills within the theatre sector.

Up to $20,000 for cultural leadership skills development for individuals  Applications for this grant close 5 November 2012  Decisions will be advised in early March 2013  Funded projects can start 4 March 2013

About the grant  Cultural Leadership Skills grants will support individuals to undertake programs that develop leadership skills and experiences within their chosen areas of practice. We are offering two application strands for this category: Cultural Leadership Skills Development- Established, and Cultural Leadership Skills Development- Early Career.

Cultural Leadership – inspiring, building, sustaining.

A cultural leader is the driving force behind the creation and pursuit of a set of artistic, organisational or sector goals. Developing cultural leadership skills is about building an individual or organisation’s capacity to:  • effectively lead colleagues and/or sector areas through extended periods of experimentation and growth • to think and work strategically toward long-term goals • to manage, motivate and inspire colleagues • to develop fortitude and problem-solving skills in the face of adversity • to be financially resourceful and responsible • to understand, analyse and respond to the complexities of the Australian theatre scene and its relationship with broader communities.

There are two types of Cultural Leadership Skills grants:  • Cultural Leadership Skills Development – Established: supports individuals with several years theatre experience and/or leadership experience to pursue programs of professional leadership development  • Cultural Leadership Skills Development – Early Career: supports individuals in the formative stages of leadership development, or who are beginning to explore leadership in theatre sector areas where it is under-developed or fragile.

Please read the FAQs, and speak to Theatre section staff to help you identify which cultural leadership skills development strand is most appropriate to you.

The purpose of the Cultural Leadership Skills Development grants is to provide support for potential and future artistic leaders to pursue a program of personal development that strengthens their capacity to provide leadership for, and/or distribute leadership within, their chosen area of practice.  Whilst outstanding one-off opportunities may be supported, our priority is to assist theatre workers who have devised strategic programs of leadership development activity.

You may apply for up to $20,000 to fund part or all of your personal leadership program activities. An individual’s program could include national or international activities such as: secondments or residencies, mentorship programs, training opportunities, community consultation or research periods. Applicants must demonstrate that these activities would specifically contribute to leadership capacity beyond regular up-skilling, and that they have opportunity to implement these leadership skills within the sector.

Applications can be for any field or focus of theatre sector practice. The Theatre Board is particularly interested in supporting diversity in leadership, and developing areas where leadership capacity is under-developed or fragile.

You may wish to refer to the Australia Council’s cultural engagement framework, which encompasses eight strategies that reflect our commitment to creating opportunities for all Australians to participate in our cultural life.

Please refer to the online application form for details about the number of pages you have in which to make your proposal.

For further information and contact details head to the Australia Council website.

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