This site brings together producers and presenters to help generate performing arts seasons and tours around Australia. It has been created and is managed by the Blue Heeler Network.

The site welcomes profiles for three main types of user:

  • Producers – companies or individual artists who create performing arts productions
  • Presenters – organisations or individuals who manage and/or program performing arts venues
  • Tour Coordinators – organisations or individuals who work with producers and presenters to develop and coordinate tours

Producers also have profiles for any productions that they have available for touring and these detail the creative team, production history, technical needs and costs. They also contain photos, video footage and samples of marketing materials.

Presenters have profiles for the venues they manage and these contain basic details of the venue’s capacity, format and technical facilities as well as photos and web links.

As well as frequent updates about events and developments in the touring sector, the site also hosts voting rounds for various national and state touring mechanisms. During these rounds, presenters are able to view a selection of productions available for touring and express interest via online votes. This interest is then used by Tour Coordinators to help develop tours.

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