Greening our Performance Workshops

Our next seminar in the Greening Our Performance workshop series is surrounding Buildings and Venues and is being hosted by the Abbotsford Convent on May 16th from 9-3.
We would love to have any VAPAC Members attend our workshop.

The other up-coming workshops are:

Marketing, PR, and Advertising

We are taking suggestions for further topics to continue the series next year.

Here is our web page with many more details about GOP (aims, resources, email list, etc).

We also have a facebook page which we are building now.

I am happy to discuss any details anyone who would like to know what the Malthouse has done and is doing as well as GOP.

Michele Bauer, Head Technician and Greenlight Chair
Malthouse Theatre
Mobile: +61 45 046 1040, email:

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