Indigenous Touring Opportunities

National Indigenous Touring ConsortiumThe consortium
The National Indigenous Touring Consortium aims to tour two Indigenous works per year for a period of three years. Shows will be selected by the consortium;  core consortium members are in principle committed to taking part in each tour throughout the three years. If a consortium member is unable to present a show they will have the ability to opt out of that particular tour. Additional presenters can join tours on a show-by-show basis.
Who can be part of the consortium?
Presenters who are:
1. able to present small to medium contemporary Indigenous theatre or dance productions on a sell off basis
2. willing to build and maintain relationships with their local Indigenous Community
3. able to attend (in person or via Skype) a minimum two consortium meetings per year.
Performing Lines will:
1. construct, produce and manage the tours
2. oversee the callout for shows and collect all material for consortium members to use in the selection process
3. apply and aquit grants to Playing Australia and other arts funding providers as required
4.provide cultural support through an external reference group of Indigenous arts professionals
 provide other administrative support via the Associate producer, Erica McCalman.
The Australia Council funding is $60,000 per annum for strategic investment in marketing strategies for
tours over the three years. Use of the funding is decided by the consortium in consultation with Performing
The next steps:
- reply to this email by Friday 17 February to register your interest to take part in an online or tele-conference to determine consortia MOU
Friday 17 February Presenters self expressed interest in joining consortium
Tuesday 21 February potential consortium members meeting online or tele-conference to determine consortia MOU
Friday 24 February The first tour call out to Indigenous arts organisations and artists for shows
Monday 20 March Deadline for Indigenous tour call out submissions
3 or 4 April Consortium select first work and discuss the use of the $60,000 (Long Paddock).
If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact:
Erica McCalman. Associate Producer, Performing Lines
tel: 61 2 9319 0066 mob: 61 2 421 576 807

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