Keep calm and Go digital Webinar

The fourth workshop in LGAQ’s free Arts & Culture online professional development series will focus on digital technology. The workshop will be  held on Wednesday 12 March 2014, 2.00-3.30pm.

Although this isn’t a board specific issue, harnessing digital technology is one of interest to all CEOs and board members. Most organisations are only in the initial stages of harnessing the capabilities of the digital world, and this free webinar provides a perfect introduction to this field.

What is the workshop about?

While there is acknowledgement of the importance of adopting digital technology, many local governments and arts and cultural organisations are daunted by the challenge, and slow to take up the opportunities.

What does ‘digital technology’ really mean?

How can it help us reach our networks? 

What are the advantages and disadvantages?   

Where do we start? 

Norm Horton, Director of Feral Arts and David Fishel, Director of Positive Solutions will guide you through this online workshop, helping you to  understand how your council can use digital technology to:

  • enhance service delivery – and develop new services
  • develop artistic practice
  • increase audience engagement
  • deliver better cultural outcomes for communities

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