Mail Lists Rules and Use

VAPAC List ServerThe use of  VAPAC mail lists requires a number of protocols which must be adhered to in terms of behaviour, types of posts, post content and attachments.


  • subscribers to this list will respect the opinions of others using the list. You may agree or disagree with that opinion and mount arguments for or against but in each case your language and behaviour within the list will be polite and non-threatening.
  • Subscribers who do not comply with or exhibit this behaviour in their postings will have their posts moderated for the immediate future or be banned from posting.

Types of Posts:

  • Posting to the VAPAC Mail List is open to all and any member of VAPAC who meets the criteria set out in the particular list description.
  • a subscriber’s post should always reflect the business of the member organisation or the industry. Posting to the list on topics clearly not involving technical management issues within a performing arts or venue operations environment may see the subscriber and posts moderated for the future and possibly have the subscriber banned from the list.

Post Content and Attachments:

  • any post must contain only text or links.
  • Posting documents or attachments to the list is possible however, these attachments are stripped from the post and stored on the List Server. An appropriate link is then into your post to allow subscribers to click on and download the attachment if they choose. This practice will help to eliminate the list server being blacklisted as spammer by recipients mail servers as well as services such as “gmail”, “Yahoo” as examples.

To change any of your available options as a subscriber, you may log into the system via the link on your welcome email or from the link shown on each post at the bottom of the page – see the text highlighted in red below:

This text block appears at the bottom of each page on posts sent from the Mail List
Techs mailing list
For more information on using this list please visit

Subscription Page:

Archive and List Address:

When clicking on the above link you will be taken to the Mail List’s Subscriptions Page.

From here you may visit the List Archives by clicking the “Techs Archives” link. Please note that this archive is only available to and seen by subscribers of the Techs List.

There is also a reminder of the email address to which you may post to the list –


Subscribing to Techs

Scrolling down the page you will see the options to subscribe. This is aimed at new subscribers who will need to be approved by the list moderator (VAPAC Exec Officer) prior to being able to post.

If you are subscribing to this list you will need to fill in this part of the form entering your email address and your name and a password that you can use to change your list settings and access the archive and the subscriber list.

If you don’t specify a password, a random password is generated for you. As the form warns, The Mail List mails this password to you in clear text upon successful subscription, and by default every month thereafter. So you should not use a password that you use anywhere else.

Once you have filled out the form, click the “Subscribe” button to submit your subscription request. Now the VAPAC List Subscription results page displays, confirming that your subscription request has been received and will be processed by the List Administrator.


Finally the Techs Subscribers section at the bottom of the page allows you to unsubscribe from the list or make changes to your password or update your subscription options..


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