NBN Arts Initiative Funding

The Australia Council for the Arts has launched a Broadband Arts Initiative, where visionary arts projects enabled by the National Broadband Network (NBN) will be given funding of $300,000 and up to $100,000 for individual projects.
The aim of the initiative is to demonstrate the opportunities for Australian culture made possible by the implementation of the NBN, through providing artistic grants for artists.

“We want to uncover teams of artists who have the bold ideas, technical expertise and strong partnerships to create online cultural experiences and content with the NBN,” says Kathy Keele, CEO of the Australia Council.

Arts Minister Simon Crean has welcomed the initiative, and highlighted the importance of linking the creative industries with the potential offered by new technologies, such as the NBN.

“I have been a constant advocate and proponent for this potential, arguing that the NBN is the highway,” Mr Crean said.

“The creative industries are a key part of determining the vehicles that go on the highway. The access and applications are vital.

“This is a core principle of the National Cultural Policy discussion paper.”

The initiative stems from Australia Council’s ‘NBN Geeks in Residence’ which has helped raise awareness among artists and organisations, as to how art can be exhibited in a digital space.

“The NBN Geeks in Residence program has given us the first, hands-on experience of the possibilities for Australians to develop content and engage with art via the NBN,” says Ms Keele.

“Now, with the Broadband Arts Initiative, the Australia Council is encouraging ambitious arts proposals that are truly dependent on broadband infrastructure, particularly with its high-capacity bandwidth and ability to connect artists and audiences across regional, remote and metropolitan centres.”

Expressions of interest must be submitted before February 15th and funded projects will commence from May 1st 2012.

Further details can be found at the website.

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