New Research Reports commissioned by Arts Victoria

Several VAPAC members attended the launch of the Atlas Audience Research presentation by Morris Hargeave McIntyre yesterday at the NGV. This report commissioned by Arts Victoria predominantly focuses predominantly on metropolitan cultural activity and organisations but has some really interesting outcomes for all members to consider in the analysis of behavioural specifications for community members interested in culture. There’s a lot to read, so have a look at the group of reports.

Whilst you are reviewing the latest research it would also be worth while having a look at the Performing Arts Audiences Research 2013 report commissioned by Arts Victoria for Quantum Market Research to undertake a project that looked to:

  • Quantify changes to ticket revenues since November 2012.
  • Understand awareness of arts and culture offerings in general.
  • Understand the preferences for performing arts events among regular and occasional ticket buyers.
  • Determine the mix on offer – is there an oversupply in product, or an undersupply of preferred events?
  • Quantify attitudes towards consumer priorities around discretionary spending and how they spend their leisure time.
  • Understand the shifts in consumer preferences when it comes to paid leisure activities.
  • Quantify price sensitivity within the sector.

Again, interesting reading here is the link to the report.

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