Theatre Network Victoria

TNV was founded by the Victorian theatre sector in early 2009 and is funded by Arts Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts.
Current strategic aims include:

  • advocacy– to provide an influential, respected, political voice for the theatre sector;
  • capacity building– to build internal capacity within the sector through connection with programs focused on sector development, professional development and theatre art-form development;
  • action research– to gain and share evidence and understanding of sector issues nation-wide;
  • creating connection – to facilitate networking, information sharing and connection in the theatre sector and the broader arts industry.

Theatre Network Victoria undertakes research, delivers professional development and develops the sector broadly to build capacity and sustainability. The project is targeted at the theatre companies, small informal groups of theatre workers and individual theatre makers who deliver the bulk of the theatre activity in Victoria and beyond. The goal is to strengthen the sector, enabling it to produce more work, reach new audiences and build existing audiences.VAPAC has conducted several professional development workshops in conjunction with TNV.

Nicole Beyer is the Director

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