What ShowDates technology can do for your venue

ShowDates7 Reasons VAPAC Members should use Showdates to turbo-charge their marketing spend:

1) Smart phones are a new and potentially very valuable area for marketing and VAPAC has been active in producing this way of getting to new audiences through this medium and engaging with them through a dedicated VAPAC branded application (app).

2) Using Showdates is very cost effective. The heavy lifting of developing an app has already been done courtesy of VAPAC (supported with Arts Vic funding) so VAPAC members can get access to it for only $250 (check quantum) a year (subscription paid to VAPAC to cover app support). The only other cost is a venue’s in-house self management of content, which is very simple and integrates easily into management of content already being done by venues (eg website, press ads, print brochures, TV and in-house screens etc). Using Showdates for a whole year only costs around the price of (in a regional paper) a single 10×2 mono print ad.

3) Showdates provides a way to direct a potential and (hopefully curious) customer towards a richer representation of your offer than print ads can do. A print ad (brochure ad, poster etc) alerts the customer to your production, piques their interest and then provides an easy link via their hand held device (I Pad or I Phone) to see vision such as photos or a promo clip or TVC, to further inform them about the show (and hopefully excite their interest further. Showdates then takes them to point of sale for tickets (your website).

4) You COULD do all of the above from your own website without a specialised app. However, Showdates also uses location based features which will show a customer what is available near them on any given night. This serves the opportunity of attracting a more casual buyer who is looking for an experience but has no specific show in mind except it should be something near where they are now.

5) Showdates integrates with Facebook and Twitter so a customer can be a part of the marketing by sharing and inviting others to join etc.

6) Showdates represents a show in the context of a tour and a network. Customers can find out where else a show is playing. It helps bring ‘word of mouth’ possibility to a venue hosting only a one night stand. It helps to brand a VAPAC venue as part of a bigger whole, reinforcing the idea of ‘theatre going’ as a lifestyle choice more than just going to your local theatre. A customer can use the app to find where a show is playing ‘next’, so if they miss it near them and hear about it from word of mouth or similar, they might drive a bit a see it at someone else’s venue. That’s good for the industry as well as for individual venues.

7) Finally, by being ‘in it’, a venue has a chance to contribute to how the app is shaped going forward. It will evolve with use and in response to users, both those putting content and receiving it. Unlike most local advertising, it benefits from the critical mass. A larger corps of users means we will have the resources to take it to its next stage.

Get Showdates now.

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